Enterprise Green Communities

The Enterprise Green Communities Criteria was developed collaboratively by Enterprise with leading national organizations and experts to provide a clear, cost-effective framework for all affordable housing development types in any location in the country, including new construction and rehabilitation in multifamily as well as single-family buildings. Enterprise projects deliver significant health, economic and environmental benefits to low-income families. To meet the Enterprise Criteria projects must meet all mandatory requirements of the program, plus an additional 30-35 points in the checklist.

The Enterprise program is a points based system to provide green building and energy efficiency. As long as the prerequisites and the points minimums are met the building can be certified.

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Design Phase

Prior to construction we work with the architect, owner, and builder to make sure the most cost effective solutions are implemented to meet the Enterprise Green Communities program.

  • Pre-Build Submission: We handle all the coordination for the online Pre-Build application process.
  • Design Review: Review all designs and specs to demonstrate program compliance prior to construction.

Construction Phase

Our Raters conduct inspections throughout the construction process. To meet Enterprise Green Communities criteria, the following must be completed through the course of construction. We work with the construction team to make sure all requirements are understood.

  • Energy Program Compliance: For any building type, our Raters can verify the Energy Efficiency Standard throughout construction.
  • Site Inspections: Conduct the required visual inspections of all the Enterprise Green Communities checklist items.

Post Construction

We collect all information and submit all final documents to Enterprise Green Communities for final certification.

  • Post-Build Submission: Upon completion, we will compile and submit all items for final Enterprise Green Communities certification for you.