LEED for Homes Provider

LEED for Homes providers oversee the certification process. Provider organizations work with LEED for Homes Green Raters and provide quality assurance of their verification services. As a LEED for Homes Provider we collect and submit all final documents to the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) for LEED for Homes Certification.

Provider Responsibilities

              • Deliver the Program on behalf of the USGBC.
              • Provide technical support for the LEED for Homes Rating System
              • Review and submit final certification documents to the USGBC.

Learn more about LEED for Homes Providers.

LEED for Homes Providers are organizations selected by the USGBC based on demonstrated experience and expertise in supporting builders in the construction of high-performance, sustainable homes in their market. You can work with a provider from anywhere in the country.

Independent Green Raters

As a LEED for Homes provider we take on independent Green Raters from across the country and provide technical assistance and certification support for their projects. If you are looking for a LEED for Homes provider we would be happy to provide support for your projects. Contact us now to learn about our process of working with independent Green Raters and providing LEED for Homes Quality Assurance.