Passive House Consultant

As a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC), Sustainable Comfort can help you achieve your next Passive House building project. By holding the credentials to act as the Passive House Consultant, this also makes us an ideal Passive House Rater.

Program Requirements

Passive House projects need to meet the following criteria to be certified:

  1. Low heating and cooling loads, meeting a custom standard based on your climate and location
  2. Very low energy use per person
  3. Extremely air tight envelope, tested using a blower door.
  4. High efficient mechanical systems including constant fresh air ventilation.

Learn more about the Passive House program.

Design Phase

Prior to construction we work with the architect, owner, and builder to make sure the most cost effective solutions are implemented to meet the Passive House requirements. In addition to Passive House design requirements, the follow programs must be met to achieve Passive House Certification.

  • Feasibility Study: Early Schematic Design phase we conduct a thorough feasibility study to determine insulation levels and select high level mechanical equipment.
  • WUFI Passive Modeling: During design we will help optimize the envelope and details to meet the strict energy modeling requirements of the PHIUS program.
  • Design Details: We can help you determine the details you need to incorporate into the plans to ensure success.
  • Design Review: Review design for ENERGY STAR Homes, DOE Net Zero Energy Ready Homes, and Indoor AirPlus programs.

Construction Phase

Our Raters conduct inspections throughout the construction process to verify designed items are installed properly to achieve the performance intended.

  • Open Wall Inspections: Our Raters ensure proper insulation and air sealing in every unit.
  • Blower Door Testing: We conduct preliminary and final blower door testing to hit the very difficult air leakage standard.
  • Final Inspections: Inspect and test all items installed to meet the Passive House program.

Post Construction

We collect all information and inspection reports and process your Energy Star Certification, Indoor Air Plus Certification, and DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes Certification. We will then submit all the testing and inspection reports required by the Passive House program to ensure your certification.

  • Final Certification: Upon completion, we will process all your final certifications.
  • Marketing and Publicity: We work with the team to support marketing and publicity efforts to showcase the project.