Sustainable Construction


The Sustainable Comfort, Inc. Construction Team takes a design-centric, holistic approach to retrofitting for energy efficiency and economical operation. We deliver energy-resilient buildings that benefit the owner, investor, manager, and occupant. With multiple sustainability consulting experts on our in-house staff, we leverage what we have learned on the consulting side of our business with our construction side.

Deep Energy Retrofits

Our Deep Energy Retrofit methodology is a systematic approach to the renovation process that enables our projects to achieve significantly higher levels of energy savings and cost efficiencies when compared to traditional retrofit methodologies.

We modernize century-old homes for Health, Sustainability and Comfort

Homes built over 100 years ago contain remarkable hand-craftsmanship—architecture that truly stands the test of time. However, many of our projects also come with fire hazards, energy inefficiencies, and outdated layouts for modern needs.

True to our intentions of creating healthy housing, we add fire-blocking and other safety measures to each of our projects. In addition to safety upgrades, our projects feature low-flow water fixtures, high-efficiency heating, cooling, and domestic hot water equipment, new windows, and air sealing so that moisture, pests, and energy are not exchanged between apartments.