Vertical Triple DeckerTriple Deckers 

For the Next 100 Years

Built a century ago as an economical way to provide workforce housing, the SCI team is using an integrated project delivery technique to repurpose triple deckers for today’s target market and its next 100 year lifetime.

Sustainable Comfort, Inc. has a new vision for the triple decker; built to top-level green building standards that promote better indoor air quality, quieter interiors, and more economical operations, giving residents their own urban oasis.

We’re refreshing a most basic facet of the northeast’s urban landscape. The triple-decker served a tremendous social purpose and has evolved over time to meet varying peoples’ needs over the past century. They house immigrant families, enable multi-generational home ownership, and contribute to good density in our inner-suburbs

Part of any renovation requires taking the building apart. Our carpenters witnessed the work that someone in their position had done 100 years ago and have developed tremendous respect for the care and craftsmanship that went into it. We want to acknowledge this and maintain some of the character of the buildings and the details.

Most of our triple deckers are being repurposed as part of the Stanton Loop Revitalization Project.

Some of our notable triple decker projects include: