For Affordable Housing

We understand the affordable housing process and the Green Building and Energy Efficiency Impact of your applications. We have experience with the New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA). We work with your development team during each phase of the project to ensure you can successfully achieve the mandatory Energy Efficiency Strategies as well as maximize your application points with optional Green Building Programs. Our goal is to act as a partner with the project team to help everybody understand program requirements and provide feedback throughout the process.

We start by working with your design and development team during the yearly QAP. We will review the schematic plans to help determine the best programs to choose for the application. The deliverable for our engagement is a utility cost estimate, feasibility study, and a contract to verify the selected program once the project is selected for funding.

Upon funding we act as a partner to the design and construction team to ensure the programs are administered through construction and certification. We work with the architects and inspection team to inform them of the progress of energy inspections and work to minimize risk for the development team. We specialize in a number of programs and can help you meet funding requirements, reduce operating expenses, and provide enhanced marketing for your building.

Funding Submission

Maximize your application points by understanding all of the energy efficiency and green building options available in the QAP. We will help the developer, architect, owner, and builder understand the most cost effective programs to maximize your points on your application.

  • Program Selection: Choose the best fit program to meet all energy and green building requirements. We include the following:
  • Feasibility Study: Supplement your submission with analysis and energy modeling to show compliance.
  • Utility Cost Estimate: We can create estimates for utility allowances for use in pro formas
Design Phase

Prior to construction we work with the architect, owner, and builder to make sure the most cost effective solutions are implemented to meet the all selected programs.

  • Energy Modeling: Complete modeling for all energy efficiency options including Passive House, ENERGY STAR, Enterprise Green Communities, LEED for Homes, and HERS Ratings.
  • Design Review: Review all designs and specs to demonstrate program compliance prior to construction.
Construction Phase

Our Raters conduct inspections throughout the construction process to verify all energy efficiency and green building programs. We work with the construction team to make sure all requirements are understood.

  • Contractor Orientation: Our Raters review the inspection process and program requirements with all subcontractors.
  • Open Wall Inspection: Visually inspect all units prior to drywall.
  • Final Testing: Conduct all final performance testing and inspections as required by each unique program.
Post Construction

We collect all information and inspection reports and then submit for final certification for all programs.

  • Final Report: Final reports get issued to show the funding agencies that all requirements for green building and energy efficiency requirements have been met.
  • Final Certification: Upon completion, we submit for program certification.