For Builders

As you strive to build to a green building or energy efficiency program, SCI works with you along the way and conducts inspections early to minimize any rework. This ensures a smooth completion when it’s time for the punch list at the end of the project. We also make sure your subs and builders understand all the program requirements so you can properly plan and price your projects. Below is a list of the services we provide through all stages of the project.

Schematic Budgeting Assistance

We can work with your estimators to understand the energy efficiency and green building requirements of various funding agencies, energy codes, utility incentive programs, and third party certifications. We help your team understand the biggest cost hurdles and help you achieve higher performance in a cost effective way.

Design Reviews

As you move to design development, we do detailed reviews of the plans and specifications to ensure you are on track for certification in your chosen energy efficiency and green building path.

Contractor Orientations

For all of our programs, we require a contractor orientation to take place early in construction to make sure the sub-contractors understand the program requirements and are on the same page.

Construction Inspections

We work seamlessly with the construction team to deliver independent third party energy efficiency and green building inspections for proper air sealing, insulation, mechanical systems, and various other green building requirements.

Preliminary and Final Performance Testing

Our mission is to make sure the project successfully meets all testing requirements. We do this by testing early and often to empower the contractors to make sure the time is taken for quality installation of the most important features of the project. We have experience in all types of residential projects to help you meet the most stringent air sealing and duct sealing requirements.

Program Certification

We specialize in a number of programs and can help you meet funding requirements, reduce operating expenses, and provide enhanced marketing for your building. Learn more about these green building and energy efficiency programs and how we can help you.