Stanton Loop Revitalization

Stanton Loop is a half-mile loop across from Bell Pond in Worcester, MA. There are 57 residential buildings and ten unimproved lots in the pocket neighborhood.

The Stanton Loop Revitalization Project started in 2016 as a collaboration between Sustainable Comfort Inc. (SCI), Civico Development, and WalkerThomas, with SCI acting as the general contractor. The initiative began as an effort to preserve Worcester’s historic triple-decker neighborhoods, built at the turn of the 20th century. While these three-story apartments no longer house the working class families of New England’s Industrial Revolution, Stanton Loop hopes to give more people a healthy place to call home in Worcester.

Worcester is brimming with colleges and universities. These institutions attract talent, emerging professionals, and local businesses, which help power Worcester’s economy. The housing shortage for this demographic, however, doesn’t incentivize students to stay after graduation.

Enter the Sustainable Comfort, Inc. Development Team and the Stanton Loop Revitalization Project and their efforts to create shared housing, while restoring and upgrading dilapidated buildings for health, sustainability, and function.

Each project includes safety upgrades, low-flow water fixtures, high-efficiency heating, cooling, and domestic hot water equipment, new windows, and air sealing so that moisture, pests, and energy are not exchanged between apartments.

Building a sense of community—something these triple-deckers did so well historically—remains of equal importance. SCI is working to restore enough of these properties and making design decisions that help to establish a vibrant community that entices residents to stay long term.

We invest in clusters to create a consistent community experience for residents, while improving neighborhood quality and stability. Acquiring neighboring properties enables new pedestrian linkages, more parking, and opportunities to develop pocket parks or community gardens. We hypothesize that clustering properties will have substantial positive impacts on property valuations, appreciation rate, and occupancy.

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