19 & 26 Vinson Street

SCI Expanded Stanton Loop Neighborhood Revitalization Project onto Adjacent Vinson Street

More shared housing with open concepts planned

The Sustainable Comfort, Inc. (SCI) Development Team is proud to announce that the Stanton Loop Neighborhood Revitalization Project in the Bell Hill area of Worcester expanded onto Vinson Street. Vinson Street runs perpendicular to Stanton Street and is part of the community “loop” that SCI has worked to achieve.

The Stanton Loop Revitalization Project purchased two Vinson Street triple-decker properties; 19 and 26 Vinson Street. 19 Vinson is still in decent shape and does not need much repair, other than a few cosmetic improvements, whereas 26 Vinson was rehabbed. 26 Vinson offers an open concept kitchen and living space suited to today’s lifestyles. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms on each floor allow for easy shared-housing living that many local graduate students may find attractive. New porches have been added to the front of the building on each floor to replace the ones that were torn down years ago.

True to its intentions of creating healthy housing, SCI added fire-blocking and other safety measures to 26 Vinson Street. In addition to safety upgrades, 26 Vinson Street features low-flow water fixtures, high-efficiency heating, cooling, and domestic hot water equipment, new windows, and air sealing so that moisture, pests, and energy are not exchanged between apartments.

“We are excited to expand the Stanton Loop Revitalization Project onto Vinson Street,” says Albert LaValley, President of Sustainable Comfort, Inc. who further went on to say, “Vinson is a major street in the Stanton Loop Neighborhood. As we work hard to help create a neighborhood vibe reminiscent of the original builders’ intentions for these triple-deckers, it only makes sense that we expanded our efforts onto Vinson Street to truly impact the entire Stanton Loop community.”