“This will require the weight of our community and private-sector partners. . . to imagine smarter, cleaner, and more vibrant neighborhoods.” -Worcester Mayor, Joe Petty

Exceptional Value

The Sustainable Comfort Development Team works to create projects that provide residents with exceptional value. We are reimagining neighborhoods by designing for the needs of today’s demographic, engineering for energy efficiency, and renovating for longevity—all without sacrificing the historic charm. Our integrated approach to design, engineering, construction, and management gives us control of every aspect of the project lifecycle.

We are equipped to handle challenging or mismanaged properties, while our construction team can handle light, moderate, and substantial rehabs. Though not all target properties can be renovated to the same finish, controlling the ongoing operation of a property helps ensure long-term neighborhood stability.

Uniquely Positioned

The Sustainable Comfort Development Team is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the complete lifecycle of sustainable redevelopment, from energy modeling and technical expertise during construction to progressive asset management during ownership.