What We Do


The Sustainable Comfort Development Team works to create projects that provide residents with exceptional value. We are reimagining neighborhoods by designing for the needs of today’s demographic, engineering for energy efficiency, and renovating for longevity—all without sacrificing the historic charm. Our integrated approach to design, engineering, construction, and management gives us control of every aspect of the project lifecycle.



We develop buildings with a conscience. We keep life span, efficiency, sustainability, and safety in mind. We build relationships with neighbors,  building officials, and consultants to ensure a collaborative process. We leave a property better than we got it by thoughtful design.



We work in conjunction with our in-house sustainable design consultants from the kick off of a project through the testing of completed projects. We make informed decisions on products, systems, life span and community.



We improve the health, safety and sustainably of the individual building while simultaneously making a positive contribution to the neighborhood and community.  We have even inspired our neighbors to improve their properties — which benefits the community. We design to make spaces relevant to the needs and lifestyles of today.